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What we do in Italy

Watch this page as we finalize all the wonderful and delicious details for the September seminar.

CLINICAL: updates in process, we can hardly wait to tell you all we have in store. Until then, here is a note from our Logistics Coordinator

LOGISTICS: from Pamela

  My personal goal is to provide you with the most authentic and memorable experience of your visit to Italy. The seminar will be fantastic and you will earn your CEUs. At the same time, you will be living in a small city surrounded by quaint villages untouched by tourism.

Abruzzo is being heralded as the “New Tuscany”. Why? Because it is much like the Tuscany of 40 years ago. Undiscovered. Unspoiled by tourism. Authentic.

The location for our Italy Seminars is a pristine valley surrounded by mountains about 90 minutes east of Rome. There is easy access via planes, trains, automobiles (and Prontobus too!). The closest international airport is just 30 minutes away in Pescara, but it is probably easiest to fly into Rome from the USA and maybe spend a little time steeping yourself in the glory of the Coliseum, the Spanish Steps or the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican.

We will have two different types of accommodations. The seminar itself will be held at a beautiful hotel that has a nice spa, daily breakfast and a full restaurant. It is located in the city center, just a few minutes’ walk from the shopping district. The other choice would be an fully furnished Italian home with full kitchen facilities. Each of these homes/apartments is unique and has one or two bedrooms. Some are walking distance to the seminar location, some will require a car. La dolce vita!

Seminar days will be filled with activities but we encourage you to adventure out on your own. We will provide lots of information on things to see and do, from mountain hiking and truffle hunting, or pottery class to a day at the beach. And the FOOD? Dare we even mention that Abruzzo has many many regional dishes that are so delicious… oh, don’t get me started!  

Just join us for the experience of a lifetime in beautiful Italia.
"Unitevi a noi per l'esperienza di una vita in bella Italia"

Registration opens soon !

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